Sony PSP2 (NGP) Price: How Much Will You Pay?

After reporting on various things to do with the NGP such as the specs when it was being shown at the Tokyo event, the fans Twitter reaction to the device and also how it is packing a Quad-core ARM Cortex-A9 processor, we wanted to report to you one of the essential details that was missed out at the event.

With things calming down a little now regarding the PSP2 or as it is known the NGP, we wanted to touch on something that hasn’t really had too much of a mention, the price of the device. Surely something packing as much power and diversity as the PSP2 isn’t going to come cheap, but we want to know how much you are willing to pay for one.

Engadget’s Sean Hollister is saying that Jack Tretton of Sony has been quizzed about the price, there have been rumors that it would cost the same a PS3 however this surely cannot be the case. Tretton also implied that it would be more than the 3DS. Now we have a price range of somewhere between $250 and $599.

Something else to consider is the fact that there is more than likely going to be different models of NGP made. There are going to be WiFi only models as well as the 3G ones. As reported by customers will not only pay more for the device but also for the 3G connection.

Onto the big question, how much are you prepared to part with for a Sony PSP2 / NGP? Let us know price and what model you would get in the comments section below.

  • Unknown

    599 US dollars

  • Ricky Martin

    Previous Poster – You would seriously pay $599? Wow.

    I could see paying that much for a handheld. I would say $250 would be tops for me.

    • poopppies

      when the first psp came out it was roughly 500

  • Aron

    £200/£250 no more

  • mark

    £200 for sure, I paid £175 for my psp 1000, with PES06 + Accessory pack.
    So, just for the console itself, I would pay £200, £250 if your pushing it to the very edge.
    If it has PS2 GAMES + PS1 GAMES, then I would be happy to pay £250 for it, as long as PS1/PS2 games cost like £15 each or less.

  • bob

    180-200£ why do they make it with no umd's

  • Oliver

    $399 for 32GB with 3G. If they offer different size storage…

  • RXtasy7

    $350 for WiFi only and $400 for 3G. I would only get WiFi though and just tether wirelessly from my Android phone. UMDs are a hassle to carry around and cost more in terms of production. Everything is going digital so I do not mind downloadable games only. I would most likely get a 32 gb. It's a pity they aren't using expandable memory. Or are they? I thought it only had flash…

  • anonymous

    Sony will more than likely stick to their original marketing plans (besides the networking), because they already discovered that copying Apple (*cough* PSPGo *cough*) doesn't mean good sales. I expect we will see 2 separate models one for Wifi and with 3G and Wifi, however, if Sony goes will T-Mobile (they usually do) for the Web service, things will be expensive, because T-Mobile asks for $20 just for 1GB of Data per month. So I don't think there will be 8GB, 64GB, etc. versions, we will more likely see just 2 separate models. However, I would like to see Wifi and 3G in a single model and no other model available, that way the price point will probably be lower than 2 seperate models.

    Anyways, $350 is probably the best price for a system like this.

  • JNG

    Its been said already 1000x over about the 3DS, people don't want to pay more than 250 for a handheld. A handheld is a handheld no matter what the tech inside theirs no way it will be better than the full system in lots of important catagories. Lets hope Sony learned their lesson when they tried the $600 price for a ps3. theres no way in hell a hand held that expensive would sell enough to be profitable.


    it will cost around $400 and after a year it will probably cost $200 same thing as the psp go……..u people have no brain at all!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • johnny

      that is so true. because i only $99 for the psp go at gamestop

  • charles Jewell

    The max I would be willing to pay for the 3G model would be $299. Anything more would price them out of the market, especially with 3DS @$250. They need to keep this new unit from becoming a big marketing disaster like PS3 and the first psp. This new system looks awsome and it has alot of potential.It also doesn't have alot of gimmicky technology like in my opinion is the 3DS. Lets just hope sony has learned there lesson.

  • gmoney

    well 400 tops.

  • Goog guy

    I would say between 320-360

  • Matt Freeman

    £200 Max

    • anon

      i agree, the Wi-Fi only model i would pay about 160-180 (£)

  • sahim

    i will pay fuking up to 1million pounds bitches

  • Dan

    I would pay £200 for NGP 3G because what is the point Of paying more then a ps3 and I bet when the NGP comes out it will be as much as the ps3 because the price of the ps3 will dddrrrrroooooopppp!!!!

  • johnny

    i never understood the technologies this day of time because every time you buy something new another one shows up , me what i do is to wait a year later and buy it for $100 bucks just like i did for the psp go

  • matt

    considering all the technlogy it has and considering expeculations it would be more powerfull than ipad2(ngp 2ghz ipad2 1.2ghz) i would say around 250 to 280 and 3g 299 320.

  • Joe

    I would pay $400-$500 if I got unlimited 3g. Unlimited 3g would attract a lot more people.

  • Jacko

    I wud at most pay £300

    I dont think anyone wud bye 1 if it was any more

    I personally really want One and need it to keep me entertained because i travel a lot but even £300 is too much for a handheld

  • Alex

    I would pay up to 250GBP for it… lets just hope the price will be around the 200GBP mark!!

  • james

    i would be willing to pay just about any price for it. for the fact that i have the money for it but more so it’s by all means a portable ps3 and it will allow me to game while other people are watching stuff on my tv.