iTunes 10.1.2 Update: Verizon iPhone CDMA Support

Once Apple’s iPhone 4 hits the shores of Verizon Island, iTunes will be ready and waiting for the much-anticipated big red Apple device.

A report by Appleinsider states that an updated version of iTunes has been rolled out that will support syncing with the new CDMA iPhone 4 model. This isn’t the only highlight of the 10.1.2 update; there will also be improvements in stability and performance.

Apple’s iTunes media software, that sync’s music and movies, is available with a “Read Before You Install iTunes” document. According to Macworld the accompanying statement is only available to view once you have downloaded direct for the iTunes site, and not from the Software Update. This added document mentions the CDMA compatibility, which is aimed at the Verizon version when it finally hits the shelves on February 10.

As most will know the wait for the Verizon iPhone has been a long one, consisting of vast speculation over which model would find its way into big reds camp. It also raised discussions on whether Verizon’s customers would be missing out when Apple eventually brings us the 5th generation iPhone.

However you look at it Apple is getting ready to except Verizon into the fold. Tell us if you think Apple will bring us any more updates to accompany the February 10th release.