iPhone “Thumbs-Up” Step Back To The 1980’s Case

It seems that the further on we move in life the smaller our technology gets, some of us will fondly remember the 1980’s when we wished our dad’s van was black and silver with a red stripe down the side. A time when the mp3 player was a distant dream and auto-reverse on your Walkman meant you were cool.

Well if your sitting there bleary eyed at the thoughts of the first mobile phone you saw, and the amazement that something ‘only the size of the common house brick’ could really allow you to make a call, then Thumbs Up has just the thing for you.

Their retro case covers your iPhone giving it a splash of 80’s style whilst still allowing full access to the controls. Retro To Go states that the £12.99 Thumbs Up case is compatible with 2nd, 3rd and 4th generation iPhone’s converting it into a comical add-on to wow you friends.

As Pocket-lint reported, Thumbs Up’s co-founder and business development director, Wojtek Kolan said; “There is nothing more iconic than Gordon Gekko, the moneyman hero of the eighties, and Del Boy, TV’s most popular wheeler dealer, wielding their status symbol mobile brick. Technology may have advanced to create tiny phones but it was only a matter of time before BIG was BIG again.”

So if you want to standout from the normal smartphone crowd why not slip one of these on and take yourself back to the good old days. Please note we are not sure that if wearing the Thumbs Up case your device will still fit in you back pocket? Give us your views and tell us what technology you miss from the 1980’s?