iPhone 5 & iPad 2: Where Would You Like To Find Them?

The likelihood of the next generation iPhone 5, or iPad 2 falling into the wrong hands is virtually nil, but is this a question asked the same time last year before the pre-release of the iPhone 4? If memory serves correctly, this was the plight that Apple found themselves in, after one of their staff members by the name of “Gray Powell” accidentally left a device out on a bar for all to see!

As Daniel over at PR News reported, Powell who had been on a night out with friends to celebrate his birthday, had apparently had one too many drinks, and left the handset, of which had been left in his safe hands, on the bar area. As pcmag.com reported, the iPhone 4 which in appearance looked like a 3GS, was given to the employee as part of a testing programme outside of Apple’s establishment.

Although the phone was not spotted straight away, subsequently what gave it away, was the casing. After that, pictures of the device were sold and published across the world wide web for all and sundry to see. As reports highlighted, Apple outrightly asked for the phone back leading to the conclusion that of course it was the highly anticipated iPhone 4. So this brings us back to the iPhone 5.

With rumored reports of what the 5 will look like, internal and external features, release date and price, we have to ask the question would you like to find an iPhone 5 prototype by accident, and what are the likely places to find it? Pcmag.com have devised a short list in the form of a slideshow of where they think one could be found with reasons behind them: Ideas include that of a Microsoft Store, in a bar, magically appearing in “Criss Angel’s” hands. To view the slideshow click here.

Tell us as crazy as it may seem, where would you like to find the iPhone 5? In your view, what would you like to see from the new device? Thinner, bigger screen, no antenna problems and so on? Here at OSM we have put together some of the rumored reports into one roundup. Click here.