Girls In India: Educated Through “The Girl Store” Site

With what started off as being a heart rendering story for a little 9-year old girl by the name of “Brundha” has now turned out to be a happy ending. The girl from a small village in India, is typical of her age, and after spending her young childhood looking after her ill father and never seeing her mother who spends her days working for next to nothing, has missed the majority of her schooling. But in happier times, Brundha is now in the fourth grade thanks to a campaign that helped her.

The organisation called Nanhi Kali helps to take girls off the street and put them back into the education system. In an interesting report from where it tells Brundha’s story in more depth, Nanhi Kali persuaded the girl’s parents to invest in her education, and showed her a kit that included a uniform, books, pencils, shoes and book bag.

This is where e-commence site “The Girl Store” comes into play. The charity project as Mashable reported, launched on Wednesday and is a way for the likes of you and me to “buy a girl her life back,” by donating school equipment be it, a backpack, pencils, books or an entire set. Visitors to the site can look through pictures of girls to then choose who to purchase the items for. Images are of girl models, although the names and ages are of real girls.

After choosing your items, and the specific child has everything they need for school, an “off to school” label hovers over the image. It is hoped by using this site, girls will be saved from child slavery or forced into marriage.

For more information: email info[at]the-girl-store[dot]org. Check out the video below to gain an insight into what is trying to be achieved.

What are your thoughts on this new idea? Will you be donating?