Facebook Keeping Current Security On Apps

Facebook’s head of platform marketing, Dan Rose has said that the company is sticking with the current security arrangements in place.

This comes after the recent hacking of CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook fan page and the way in which apps are spamming users. Rose was answering questions at a UK press conference in Facebook’s European headquarters. According to reports from The Telegraph, when asked about implementing silmilar security measures to that of Apple’s App Store, Rose announced security would remain as it is.

The boss said ““The tools we have in place which stop apps from spamming users have become more sophisticated…the actions we have taken have reduced the level of spam across Facebook.” According to Metro, this goes against the advice that Sophos gave the social network which was to increase security. The internet security organisation claimed Facebook was “littered with spam and deceptive links which could harm computers”.

If Facebook did adopt the same security of Apple then it would see third party developers being forced to go through several loops of security before admitting their app to the store. It seems Facebook dont want to have alot to do with any of Apple’s policies or security measures and feel like keeping things just the way they are for now. Do they need to beef up their security?