BlackBerry Curve Touch (Malibu): Possible CDMA Specs

With the CES show behind us, and the forthcoming Mobile World Congress in just over 2 weeks time, news is rife about what we can expect to see there, as well as possible devices throughout the rest of 2011/2012. One such device that caught our eye is that of Research in Motion’s new offering. A handset by the name of the “BlackBerry Curve Touch” code-named “Malibu.”

The handset which unfortunately is a little vague with details, is expected to make its way to us early part of 2012. have spoken about the new touchscreen handset resembling that of the current Curve, and via a leaked roadmap, rumored to incorporate CDMA parts.

Over at Engadget, an image via CrackBerry, shows the possible touchscreen phone in its glory but without any signs of a keyboard. Again, until made official, specifications for the CDMA version are rumored to be that of a mid entry phone comprising of a 3.25-inch display with 480×360 resolution, 800MHz Qualcomm processor, 5 megapixel camera with as Engadget reported, HD video recording, 1GB storage with expansion qualities, 512MB RAM, GPS and NFC.

Another possibility is that of the Curve Touch running on BlackBerry’s 6.1 OS potentially benefiting from “liquid graphics,” which in turn will aid you, the user with a greater phone experience, as well as improved browser with faster processor and hardware acceleration, improved customization within the homescreen along with the aid of voice activation whilst searching.

Speculation is also surrounding 3 more handsets from RIM making their way to us within this year, by the names of Montana and Monoco in the third quarter, and Sedona in the fourth quarter.

Tell us what you think about the apparent arrival of 4 more phones from BlackBerry? Will they fair well or just get lost amongst the other competitors?