Sony Xperia PlayStation Phone: Preview before Release

The mystical device has made an appearance into the wide open world; the first pictures and video of the PlayStation Phone or the Xperia Play or the R800i or whatever you want to call it. They turned up today and of course; everyone has been going nuts for it.

Engadget’s Richard Lai has managed to get his hands on an impressive prototype of the device and it looks pretty close to the finished article. Please remember that any details mentioned here are subject to change as the device isn’t quite complete. We have to wait until MWC 2011 for the complete package. We have already reported on the PlayStation phone, a couple of times, click here to see the first leak and then carry on to our second.

Let’s kick off with a few hardware features on the device; it has a 4” multi-touch LCD at the resolution of 854 x 480 rumor has it that the display is actually a powered by a Bravia engine. Unfortunately the WiFi functionality didn’t work on the model that Engadget but remember, this is a prototype. It has the expected ‘L’ and ‘R’ triggers, front and rear facing cameras with the back one being 5 megapixels complete with and LED flash.

As for the software, have a look at the first video at the bottom of our article where you can get a walkthrough of the phone running on Android 2.3. You can also head over to Engadget’s article and have a read.

The device came with no games, that didn’t stop the guys running a few emulators on it. PRNews’ Alan Ng reports that a few games were on display via emulators; these were mainly Tony Hawks Pro Skater 4 and Ridge Race. They then moved on to a GameBoy Advance where Super Mario 4 was shown and guess what? It looked fantastic!

You can view a second video of some of the gameplay at the bottom of the article. In the mean time, what are your initial thoughts on the new PlayStation Phone or Xperia Play as it’s also being called?

  • Pranayraj

    Its amazing…
    but shuld be available
    in india very soon….