Sony NGP – PSP2: Packs a Quad-core ARM Cortex-A9 Processor

We have already reported some of the specs of the much anticipated new Sony handheld device and we are all pretty blown away so far. What has just been mentioned now though is the processor that is in the device.

The Sony NGP will really pack a punch as it has the latest technology built into its mainframe. It has a Quad-core ARM Cortex-A9 processor (SGX543MP) within, which will take handheld gaming to a new level. Not only that but it also has a quad-core GPU as well. The more we hear about this new PSP the more we like it.

It hasn’t lost any of the features it had previously such as the WiFi connectivity but it also brings in Bluetooth 2.1 as we expected, the normal square, triangle, circle and cross buttons are still there but are joined by a 5” OLED touch-screen that looks fantastic and 3G connectivitiy. You can read more about the processor over at Engadget where Vlad Savov has written an article. If you want to learn more about the processor and it’s capabilities then head over to ARM’s official webpage.

It looks like Sony has been going into overdrive in the past 2 days, first they allow a PSP phone (otherwise known as the Xperia PlayStation Phone) out into the open, they have released a new update for the PS3 as Alan Ng reports on PRNews and also the NGP. Well played Sony!

Has the Sony PSP2 aka NGP blown the 3DS out of the water? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

  • stefan-t22

    The idea of the PSP phone sounds interesting, but taking into consideration the fact that it must not be as huge as a brick it might part of the market because of poor performance. or lack of "off the shelf" games. or be shaded off by the "PSP2".

    The NPG however is a totally different story. from the looks of it. Wi-fi+3G+PSP = the best portable product for some time now. of course, till something new show up on the market with a much more attractive/flexible platform.

    However, price is an important factor. How much do you expect it to cost? Can you afford buying it after launching? will sony add payable services? such a playstation plus on the PS3. which may or may not be worth it.

    All in all, if the launching price does not exceed 300-400$ I am most definitely buying it ^^
    thumbs up for Sony! 😀

  • Dominic

    Who cares about 3D Well done Sony

    • Dave

      Yeah 3D and ps2 graphics or bloody ps3 graphics on the go? well….. hahah PS3 ftw

  • Jake

    I want one,looks and sounds amazing

    • Tim Ollason

      I'm with you Jake… i may be one of those people outside the store at stupid o'clock to get my hands on one! 😀

  • Wes

    its going to cost quite a bit, but it looks like its worth it if i can play uncharted portable

  • Ben

    If its 250 or less without 3g then i'm in. they need to make lbp2 2 on it of coarse and not make it freez every 30 minutes like the current psp lbp. make cross video chat between the psp and ps3, apps are needed too, very cool device from what info has been released

  • flowers–

    its a shame that the ps3 is the ideology around the psp2 cause the ps3 is a shame of a household gaming console. i assume the psp2 will fail in the same way, more doesn't always mean better

  • Scrandom

    PSP2 = Power with amazing ported games… taking your ps3 with you wherever you go….what is their to compare?