MWC 2011: Android HTC Desire Making An Entrance?

With the Mobile World Congress a stones throw away, we are all looking forward to seeing what’s fresh in the smartphone world. However when you get the chance to have a sneak glimpse of one of the latest devices soon to be released, it would be rude not to spread the word.

This is exactly what happened when a keen eyed tipster spotted an HTC handset whilst waiting for the metro. Engadget report that the device’s features match the prototype rendering that they had previously seen.

Showing off a front-facing camera surrounded by a chrome ring, the Android phone (yes no Windows Phone 7) displays a high end look that Techradar suspect could be a refreshed Desire.

Missing from the front seems to be the trackpad, suggesting that the device will take complete control from its touch-screen to handle its navigational duties. Also supported is a 3.5mm headphone jack and a curved earpiece.

Taking a look at the pictures of the HTC handset, this could be a first outing for their next flagship model, but MWC 2011 will confirm our suspicions. Tell us do you think that getting a glance of a new device before its debut spoils the excitement?

  • Chaqmol

    SLCD again??