Motorola Atrix 4G & Droid Bionic Release Dates: One in February

There are two upcoming smartphones that we know many people are waiting for because of responses to our many articles. Both of the phones that we’re talking about are from Motorola and both are part of the new dual-core processor wave that is coming. They are the Motorola Atrix 4G coming to AT&T and the Motorola Droid Bionic which will be carried by Verizon.

We have some good news to give you today about release dates that have been officially announced at the Motorola earnings call. After yesterdays scare about a power bug fault in both of these handsets (later denied by Motorola), the release date news will be a relief for many. Sanjay Jha, Motorola CEO, has announced the release of the Atrix 4G will be at the end of February, according to Nilay Patel over on Engadget. This fits with earlier rumors.

The Droid Bionic release date will be at the end of the second quarter, also fitting with earlier rumors. You may also be interested in our previous articles on the Verizon iPhone vs. the Atrix 4G and also the Verizon iPhone vs. the Droid Bionic. To find out much more about the first of these Motorola devices that is being released check out the Motorola website for the Atrix 4G page here.

What are your thoughts on these upcoming 4G phones? We’d appreciate your comments so feel free to send them to us.

  • Stan

    I can't wait for the Motorola Bionic to come out!! Disappointed that it will not be out till toward the June 2011 timeframe but better for them to have ALL the bugs out of it. My only real worries on this phone is battery live, I am hoping between correctly written code to take advantage of the dual processors and the large battery reported to come with the Bionic it will last all day and in to the evening before a charge is required.

  • Guest

    It is like waiting for a huge boxing match. Coming June 2011 Bionic vs iPhone 5. So far Motorola phones always have a huge whole in what they are, but that doesn't mean it will continue. For sure the bigger screen is needed by Apple, but who will be able to make the phone with the thinnest border to maximize the screen and minimize the size.
    Also, will Verizon charge more for 4G LTE access?

  • bob

    just talked to someone at verizon and she said it will come out next month but thats not what i see online and she said 4g will be 29.99 for unlimited data plan

  • http://yahoo Susie

    I don’t seem why we have to wait till later for the droid bionic when it’s able to come sooner than expected

  • billy

    march is the end of the second quarter for 2011 not june june is the end of the third quarter

    • kevin

      actually march is end of first jan feb march then april may june 2nd then july aug spet 3rd then oct nov dec is 4th ur wrong

      • billy

        The fiscal year for 2011 started october of last year jan feb and march are the second quarter of the 2011 fiscal year. YOU may want to check your facts I am sure Wiki or Google will help you.

  • mathman

    hm, let's do our math…12 months in a year = 3 months in a quarter = 6th month in the year is the end of the 2nd quarter = mid point of year / half a year = june. End of first quarter = 3rd month = marh

    • jwmn

      He is actually correct end of fiscal 2nd quarter is march. But the end of no fiscal 2nd quarter is june. so it could be march or june or anything in between just keep your eyes peeled for it!

  • billy

    spoke with a friend that works for verizon and he told me that they will be releasing it on 3/24/11 take it or leave it.

  • Ivan

    Wow, all of you that still think the world if flat…. google fiscal year and then google calender year… fiscal 1 Oct-30 Sep…. calender 1 Jan-31 Dec… for anybody in business who deals with money fiscal is what matters… get an education.

  • Hudson

    What is wrong with all of you people? Do any of you have even a 6th grade understanding of English? You talk like a bunch of mongoloids.

    I've read numerous places that the Thunderbolt actually beats the Atrix in overall UI and app speed, despite having less RAM and using a single-core processor. Can anyone confirm this?

  • Mark Zuckerberg

    you all are fighting onine about a phone… lol Get outside!!

  • Luke

    Well i guess the end of the second quarter is June because it's now 3/26 and no Bionic in sight at any verizon stores.