iPhone Accessories: Car Kit from Navigon

If you are the owner of an iPhone you may already have the MobileNavigator iPhone app from Navigon but today the company has introduced its iPhone Car Kit at MacWorld.

The NAVIGON Car Kit includes a USB car charger for charging while on the move, a 5-foot iPhone cable (approved by Apple), along with an impressively designed suction mount according to Chris Ziegler over on Engadget. The mount is also easy-to-fit and unobtrusive and according to the NAVIGON press release “positions the iPhone for optimal GPS signal.”

Until February 3 you can get the NAVIGON car kit, suitable for iPhone 3G/S and iPhone 4 for an offer price of $44.99. After February 3 it will cost $49.99. You can order from www.bringmobi.com and the prices include free shipping.

For more information on the Car Kit and also the navigational app, check out an article by Mike Schramm over on TUAW. Schramm reports that the iPhone cradle is detachable from the kit base. This will be useful if you upgrade to the iPhone 5 when out as only the cradle will need to be replaced.

We think this could be a useful addition to your iPhone accessories but what do you think of it, particularly the design? Why not let us know by sending in your comments.