Foursquare Infographic Tells the Story

Foursquare, the location-based social network seems to have taken off in a short space of time and just recently we posted about its growth pattern. The popular social network has seen a remarkably rapid rise in users and we’ve found an extremely useful infographic, which helps to show its growth in an easily digestible form.

The infographic, shown in a post by Kipp Bodnar over on Hubspot Blog is called, somewhat staggeringly, ‘Foursquare 2010: Our Year of 3400% growth. Although its user numbers are not yet up there with Facebook, Twitter and the like, it seems that location-based social media is set to prosper even though it’s likely that it may eventually become a normal part of other social media applications.

The infographic shows total check-ins in 2010 as 381,576,305 and we wonder if you can imagine what the biggest event of the year for Foursquare check-ins was? Actually it was for the Rally to Restore Sanity in Washington D.C. which received 30,525 check-ins. There was also an extremely significant check-in on Foursquare last year and that was from the International Space Station on October 22.

Foursquare categories such as hotels, stations, art galleries, music venues and more are also represented and the top 3 food and drink locations for example were the Union Square Greenmarket in New York, the Whole Foods Market in Austin, Texas and the Pike Place Market in Seattle. A host of other information is also on the infographic so to see more head to the full article on the Hobspot Blog link above.

Sheila Shayon over on Brand Channel also reports on Foursquare’s amazing growth and notes that there are now 6 million registered users and at the midterm elections in the US last year 50,000 Americans checked-in from 23,500 polling locations. That’s certainly an example of the growing connection between social media and politics. Are you a fan of Foursquare and what do you think of these statistics? Let us know with your comments please.