Facebook Testing New Social Purchasing Feature

Yesterday we reported that Facebook has made it mandatory for all the applications to use their proprietary Facebook credits system, and today it seems that there may be a reason for behind that decision. Since the recent success of sites such as Groupon, other companies are attempting similar propositions, including Facebook.

Lauren Indivik over on Mashable is reporting about a new feature which Facebook calls “Buy with friends”. The idea is that a user would buy an in-game item using Facebook Credits before posting a notification in their friend feed. If one of their friends saw this message, they could then buy the same item at a discounted price directly from the newsfeed.

Currently the feature is restricted to virtual goods, however in the future it could also allow purchases of physical items as well, meaning that if I bought a new Smartphone using Facebook, my friends could also purchase the same Smartphone for a discount. Would you use such a feature? Check out the full article on Mashable for more details.