44 iPhone Thief: Lady Caught Smuggling In Her Stockings

We know Apple’s iPhone 4 has always been hot property, and the forthcoming Verizon iPhone 4 and next generation 5 will be no different, but for one woman the thought of waiting to get her device was too much to bear!

News has come through today of a woman caught red handed at Israel’s “Ben-Gurion International Airport,” with some 44 iPhone’s crammed into her stockings. The woman, in her sixties who’s name is not known, tried to make her way out of the airport whilst smuggling the handsets. Staff within the customs department at the airport surprisingly enough became suspicious, when her stockings seemed to be “on the bigger side” in fact bulging out, and instead of walking along she was almost hobbling.

As Slashgear.com reported, when approached, the woman responded by saying that she “was not feeling very well.” She was taken straight away to the full body scanner on which officials discovered the 44 iPhones hidden away. Presently, the woman is waiting to find out her fate, whether she will just get away with a fine or charged with something a little more serious.

Hats off to the woman for trying, but did she actually think she would get away with it?

Give us your thoughts on this bizarre story?