Verizon / AT&T iPhone: ID8 Brings “Mogo Talk XD2” Case

As many of you are aware, the big red Verizon will now be releasing the iPhone 4 next month, in fact on February 10. The announcement from just 2 weeks ago comes from months if not years of whether the 2 would eventually collaborate with one another. With plenty of news at the moment surrounding Verizon’s pricing structure and subsequent deals to promote the iPhone 4, we wanted to bring you news about a case that SlashGear have spotted.

As we mentioned here at OSM shortly after Verizon’s official announcement, the changes on the apparent handset will include a repositioning of the buttons, in particular the CDMA antenna has been moved from the top to the side. Although the functioning of the phone will stay the same, the antenna is reported to be moving due to loss of reception signal last year. Consequently we brought you news about the possibility of current bumpers and cases not serving any purpose, and a report of the “iLuv” case.

Today as our source stated, a new case not just for the big V but for AT&T as well, is the “MoGo Talk XD2 from company ID8, which is keen to impress users with not only a case that will give full protection for the iPhone 4, but also integrates a Bluetooth headset into it. So if you are in the market for a new case and need both of these features, the MoGo Talk is the one for you. The headset as SlashGear reports, folds flat to a 5mm low profile when not in use and it charges while docked onto the back of the case. In appearance, the volume buttons along the side of the case, seem to be covered by a silicone material.

The new case will be available on February 3 and will set you back $99.99 from This will include the case, headset, 6 earbuds, a MicroUSB charging cable and to get you started the MoGo Talk XD2 quick start guide. This year we can tell you that at the recent CES event in Las Vegas, ID8’s XD2 won “2011 Innovations Design and Engineering Honoree Award” in the wireless handsets and accessories group.

Tell us does this new case tempt you, would you be willing to pay $99.99 for it?