Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him: Ideas for 2011

So far 2011 has been like a playground for all us gadget loving men, it’s been absolutely littered with cool gadgets that for you women out there we are going to help you choose as a valentines gift for your loved one by talking a little about some of our favorite tech devices.

Depending on what your budget is really depends on if you will like this one, the Notion Ink Adam is an innovative tablet PC that most guys (unless they are fans of a particular make) would love to get their hands on, why not have a look at the article we have written that explains the specs and gives you the price. Once you are done there you can view a demonstration video at the bottom of this article.

If your partner is into his gaming and he hasn’t already pre-ordered one, why not pick up a Nintendo 3DS? The device’s main feature is the glasses-less 3D screen. It has many other features that you can read about if you read this article.

Another device that seems to be coming down in price at the moment is the Samsung Galaxy Tab, the price is generally dropping because of the imminent release of the iPad 2 and perhaps the Galaxy Tab successor and it could be a good time to grab a bargain.

If it’s a camera he is after, why not have a look at the Samsung ST6500? This is a good looking device that you can also get in a variety of colors. This camera has whole heap of different modes and templates that go with its impressive specs, its due out in March for around $229.

Have you already thought of the perfect gift for him? Let us know what you are planning to get in the comments section below.

  • prantha

    Why are these all for "HIM?"

    Other than the Nintendo 3DS, I'd like to have everything you recommend. Especially the Adam, which I think is an awesome tablet that will only get better when Google releases Honeycomb.

    So, change your headline to:
    "Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for 2011"

    And change the article so that it is unisex.

  • lulu

    No cheaper options. Geez, I get flowers and a stuffed animal but i should fork out hundreds for my man? If we were married, maybe.