Starbucks Card eGift: Send That Special Something Online

Starbucks renowned across 50 countries for being one of the largest chain of coffee house retailers, is today offering its customers not just fantastic food and drinks, but the chance for people to give that special someone in their life a new “gift card.” Be it a birthday, holiday occasion, the new electronic Starbucks Card eGift as its called, will be available from today (Wednesday) and allows you to customize and send your very own card via e-mail or Facebook.

Sometimes it can be difficult to choose a gift for somebody especially when they have just about everything, but at least with this new idea, you will be designing the card and putting your own stamp on it as it were! It works when you select the occasion type, any amount between $5 to $100, put your message into words and then pay by using a credit card or PayPal. If you have a job to remember birthday dates, then why not as mashable reported, click onto networking site Facebook, and pick out some of your friends birthdays in date order, customize your card and send.

Once your eGift is designed and paid for, then as reported, the receiver will have the option of either printing out the card for in-store redemption, putting the balance onto their card or adding the gift as a new card onto the Starbucks Card Mobile app.

It is hoped by introducing this new gift idea, it will not only entice users of Facebook which for some time have reportedly been asking for a new Starbucks gift experience, but will open the doors to just about everyone and increase the company’s profitability in the long run.

What are your thoughts on the new Starbucks Card eGift?