MySpace, YouTube & Facebook: 2010’s Most Blacklisted Websites

Social media is the fastest growing thing the Internet has ever seen especially when you think of some of the things that make it up. Facebook alone has more than 500 million users with half of them being daily contributors.

Facebook is one but what about YouTube, we all know what happens when a video goes viral, not only does it get hit after hit but in some cases they make the news and radio too. You only have to look at the best putt-shot ever and of course the woman who fell into the fountain whilst texting.

MySpace is another of the most popular social media sites on the web; it’s more of a place for budding musicians than anything else these days. It used to be the giant in the world of social networking however it has somewhat dwindled in the last few years.

We are now hearing reports that the above 3 mentioned sources of social media and social networking were amongst the top most blacklisted websites. The source we found this at is; they say that a DNS-based security and infrastructure service called OpenDNS has published a report showing that corporations are the main culprits for the blacklisting. Of course this is understandable as you aren’t supposed to be using social media at work unless it is part of it.

That being said we are seeing more and more companies moving towards social media, so if the company moves towards it then it should allow access, shouldn’t it?

The report from OpenDNS says that blacklists are normally used when there is no desire to block an entire category in principle. Something else mentioned in the report is that the 3 motioned sites are also the most ‘whitelisted’ sites. Whitelists are usually used to block the category but grant access in exceptional to websites on an exception basis. You can also head over to to read more about this.

Are you surprised that these sites were in both listings? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.