LG Optimus 3D: MWC 2011 Announcement Likely

If you’ve been following news of the tablet device, the LG G-Slate you’ll see that it’s rumored to be 3D-enabled and so maybe we shouldn’t be surprised at a 3D LG phone. Cue the LG Optimus 3D which up until now has been rumored although the evidence is certainly growing now.

First off Zach Epstein over on BGR reports from Dutch phone blog, All About Phones, that the Dutch Carphone Warehouse briefly showed a placeholder for a device handily called the LG Optimus 3D, although it was not up for long. This on its own would not be enough to persuade us but the next clue leaves us more convinced.

BGR also reports that LG has sent out invitations to an event at MWC 2011 next month. A so-far unannounced LG phone is depicted on the invitation and although the words Optimus 3D do not appear, the words “Into the New Dimension,” do. The event is to be held on February 14 and more words on the invite say, “Experience the new world that LG is opening.” One thing is for sure, if this event is not for an Optimus 3D I’d sure like to know what else it could be for.

It’s anticipated that the Optimus 3D will have a glasses-free display and Stuart Dredge over on Cnet reminds us that LG showed a 3D glasses-free smartphone prototype during CES earlier this month. What are your thoughts on an LG Optimus 3D? Would you be interested in this handset? Let us know by sending us your comments please.