iPhone & AppToyz Bring Radio Controlled Models

We all love our gadgets and with the steps forward with technology nowadays, toys such as miniature radio controlled cars and helicopters can now be had for a nominal amount. Tech giants Apple are always finding ways to develop an app for this and that, but today news of using your iPhone handset as a way of controlling your electronic toys seems a little beyond belief. But its true.

Over at Engadget today, they have spoken about the new AppToyz Helicopter and Radio Controlled Car winging its way to us in the near future. Working on the basis of a dongle from AppToyz being plugged into your handset’s headphone port, the app can then be downloaded and your ready to rock. By sliding the controls across or up and down on the screen, the model will either fly or drive around your living room.

If you are looking to fly the copter then you can expect to pay in the region of $50 or equivalent US dollars ($80). The car on the otherhand will set you back £30, and as Ubergizmo.com reported they are rumored to launch sometime in April 2011.

Do you think gadgets like this bring out the child in you? Would you be willing to pay the amounts above for either your kiddies or yourself? Let us know your thoughts.