iPhone 5 On Verizon: Everyone Has Reasons

Everyone has reasons why they would want to buy the iPhone 5 on Verizon, and not the 4th generation Apple phone. While we cannot be sure that the iPhone 5 will come this year, it almost certainly will and this may not be good for Verizon iPhone 4 buyers.

There are certain things that the iPhone 5 has to incorporate; it has to be redesigned so that we do not have the saga of the ‘death grip’ or as some were calling it ‘Antennagate’. We would suggest that there needs to be more colors as the elusive white iPhone 4 is so popular even though it has never been released.

We are thinking that you may be better off waiting for the iPhone 5 instead of getting the iPhone 4. As we all know, Verizon and Apple have released a CDMA version of iPhone 4, but is there any point in paying to switch over to it? If you follow Apple’s trend that we mentioned in a previous article, we could perhaps have an announcement for the new iPhone 5. You can also read more insight into the problems with the current iPhone 4 from geeksugar.com where Kristy Korcz has written an article.

Sticking with the Verizon iPhone 4 for a second, following Verizon’s launch of their new LTE high speed network, why was this not included in the revamped iPhone 4? There are also concerns over Verizon’s network purely because of the mass of new users signing up for an iPhone running on the Verizon network.

Lastly, we want to ask you the question, is it worth buying the iPhone 4 now or are you going to wait until the summer and see what happens? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

  • Justin

    I think its worth buying the iPhone 4 now to get the unlimited data plan locked in for 2 years that definitely won't be available when the iPhone 5 comes out…

  • Bob

    i think it is better to wait. There were some studies that showed that AT&T users with the unlimited plan did not use more than 200MB on average, so they were wasting their money. Plus, if the Iphone 5 is on Verizon, you are buying a phone at the beginning of it's life cycle, not the end of it.