Free Wi-Fi From O2 Coming To All

If you enjoy Wi-Fi and things that are free then O2 have a treat for you. They have just launched their free nationwide broadband across the UK today and are in it to give BT and The Cloud a run for their money.

Even if you are not an O2 customer, you will still get to benefit from the free internet in the airways. This is because of O2’s partnerships with restaurants, shops, and high street retailers across the UK, according to The Guardian. The Spanish owned company has put down a challenge, that by 2013 they will have double the amount of hotspots than The Cloud and BT Openzone put together.

Obviously nothing is perfect, so you have to be in the right location to enjoy the free Wi-Fi. Reports from Cnet are telling us that O2 is currently replacing 450 cloud hotspots in its offices and stores and are in the process of trying to bring broadnad to everyone. Wi-Fi and web use is in very high demand as so many of us use the internet on our smartphones whilst we are out and about. Whether it is Facebooking during a lunch break or watching YouTube on the train, its happening everywhere.

Plenty more information can be found by following the 2 links provided. What do you think about O2’s bold move to give us all free Wi-Fi? Leave us your comments.