Firefox 4 Beta 10: Download It Now With Less Bugs

For those of you following the release of the latest version of Firefox, you will pleased to hear that it has arrived. Mozilla launched Firefox 4 Beta 10 on Tuesday night, only 10 days after the introduction of Firefox 4 Beta 9.

The main changes to the most used internet browser in Europe are increased stability and better flash support for Mac OS X users, according to reports from Mashable. Mozilla are still trying to perfect their latest browser and so have appealed to users to provide as much feedback as possible, despite having over a million pieces over the course of Firefox 4.

Mark Chacksfield over on Tech Radar has said that one of Mozilla’s biggest aims is to make the browser faster, more responsive and less buggy. Google Chrome are currently at the top when it comes to speed tests and Internet Explorer 9 is not far behind; so Firefox 4 has to be equipped to match these services.

The latest beta release will be crucial to Mozilla so they can make the most of the feedback to improve the browser. A good sign so far is the interface tweak and if they can improve the speed then they will geared up to challenge Google Chrome. The new beta is out now so give it a try and let us know what you think of it.