Facebook Changing Virtual Purchase Method-Developers Unhappy

Facebook has announced that it is changing the method in which virtual goods and applications are purchases, and it has raised corcern for games developers.

Facebook Credits which are sold in most gaming stores over the world are now becoming the default payment method for all Facebook related purchases. Previously developers could charge separately and use payment processing sites like PayPal to earn money on the side. Mobile Computing News has reported that from 1 July 2011, Facebook Credits will become mandatory.

Games developers such as Zynga and EA are unhappy with this move as it will result in a heavy loss of profits to them and could even be severe enough to drive them out of business.

The social networking site has taken a tough stance on this change with the Facebook head of commerce, Deborah Liu suggesting that “those unhappy with the change should consider finding a new platform”. Facebook has recommended that credits are bought in large batches and then goods are purchased with the account balance.

Its not all doom and gloom for the developers, as Liu did go on to say that Facebook would be implementing incentives to get users buying more virtual goods and third-party apps. According to Bluhalo there is talk of a discount scheme, where if one user introduces another to a certian game or app, the new user would enjoy a hefty 40% discount on their downloads. Let us know your thoughts on these changes, will it encourage you to buy more?