Diabetes UK Facebook Group: More Than 20,000 Fans & Growing

Facebook is truly a great place to advertise for anything, as we know it has more than 500 million users with more than half of them performing daily activities as you can read on the Facebook stats page. Facebook has seen many things since it began good and bad. Recently it has been blocked from Egypt following the protesters using social media as a means to organize their protests.

Now we are hearing that the UK Diabetes page has now attracted more than 20,000 fans. The group was established back in 2008 and has continued to grow since then. This is a great source of media for raising awareness for those of you that suffer from Diabetes.

It’s a pretty good way to unite people that suffer from the disease; it gives a real sense of community and re-iterates the fact that sufferers aren’t alone. If you want to pay the founders of the page a visit then you can at their official site. Alternatively you can join their Facebook page by clicking here, once the next window appears, hit the ‘Like’ button and you will then be a fully fledged member and can give your experiences, knowledge and tips by contributing to the page.

Have you seen any other innovative ways of promoting awareness for things such as diabetes? Let us know if you have in the comments section below.