Bubble Ball Android App: Angry Birds Game Killer

Everybody knows how popular Angry Birds is; it’s dominated the top spot on the Apple app store for quite a while. Even when other apps get to that number 1 position, they don’t stay there very long.

We have seen all sorts of variations of the Angry Birds game including a Christmas one and we will also perhaps see a Valentines version too. Of course the game has been supremely popular with Android devices too.

Now there is a new game in town! It’s called ‘Bubble Ball’ and it did reside in the number 1 spot within iTunes’ free apps chart. The game is based around physics; you have to try to get your ball to the checkered flag using the objects provided. Some of the levels are a little challenging, it’s a great concept thought up by a 14-year-old called Robert Nay so phonesreview.co.uk tells us.

The game has 32 levels that you don’t have to do in order and you can even change the color of your ball! According to appshopper.com this is a great game to test your logical thinking skills when you play it.

If you are an Android user and would like to download the app, then you can by going through appbrain.com. Alternatively if you are an iPhone user, you can download it on the Apple App Store by clicking here.

What do you think of Bubble Ball? Do you think it’s better than Angry Birds? Let us know in the comments below.