Apple Store Down: Update For White iPhone 4?

Not sure if you have all noticed this but the Apple Store is currently down with the message ‘We’ll be back soon’ it also says that ‘We are busy updating the store for you and will be back shortly.’ See for yourself!

Generally the Apple store doesn’t go down unless it’s a hardware addition so this has got us all wondering what could be on the cards. In our opinion its way too early for this to be related to the iPad 2 or the iPhone 5. We have already seen the new Macbook’s fairly recently so what could it be down for?

The only thing that we can think the store would be down for at this time is something that we have been hearing reports of appearing on different systems this week. We have seen Orange and Three readying themselves and AT&T has it on their listings. That’s right, we are talking about the idyllic, the legendary, the sought after white iPhone 4!

Of course, as things stand at the moment we don’t know for sure what is coming as Apple don’t really let on too many details, but you would have thought that they have had ample time to make enough white CDMA iPhones to cope with the demand that we will undoubtedly see from Verizon customers. Verizon seem to be ready for it already as they had it on their listings on the day that the iPhone was on their network even thought it appears to have been a ‘booboo’ on their part.

Alan Ng of the PRNews team has also reported the news, within his article he talks about a Twitter user that has apparently given details of the codes for the white iPhone in a 16GB and a 32GB model, head over to his full article and let us know what you think.

What do you think the store is down for? Could it be that sleek and sexy white iPhone 4 you have been waiting for? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.