27% Of Americans Are Using Facebook In The Restroom: Do You?

We have already read the Pope’s views on social networking and how social media is being used by inmates behind bars, these all contribute to Facebook having more than 500 million users signed up to it with more than half of them being daily visitors performing various activities. What we didn’t expect to find out, is that 1 in 4 Americans use Facebook whilst in the restroom.

According to a social media company named AIS Media, 500 people were surveyed in January and were asked the following question, ‘Do you ever use Facebook on your mobile device when you are in the bathroom?’ apparently 27% of them said yes and 66.4% said no. Oh, hang on a second, 64 + 27 = 93.4, doesn’t that leave 6.6%? Well that 6.6% said that they ‘weren’t sure’, how can anybody be unsure if they use Facebook on their handheld devices whilst using the bog?

As Vlad Gorenshteyn has written in his article, he says that women are more prolific Facebook restroom users than men, of the 3rd of people who said yes, 64.4% were female, leaving 45.6% being male. The average age category of the ‘yes’ people were aged at 30-49.

If you would like to read more about the study, then head over to the study results page. It just goes to show how addicted to Facebook people really are that they cannot make a quick deposit in the restroom without resisting the urge to login to their favorite page to check their wall and messages. You can also read a funny take on the survey written by Suzanne Choney.

A fairly amusing survey but none the less, it still proves how popular Facebook really is. Do you use Facebook in the restroom? Let us know in the comments below.