Verizon Outage For Some

We’re hearing many reports of a Verizon outage that is affecting parts of the U.S. The problems appear to be with the Verizon Wireless 3G network and the area affected is the Northeast of the country. This is really the last thing Verizon needs as it builds up to the release of its iPhone 4.

Bertrand Vasquez over on Erictric reports on the outage and says it is affecting both voice and data services and that Verizon Wireless has acknowledged that there is a problem. There is a certain amount of speculation that a system update might be responsible and Robert Evans over on Slash Gear, sourced from 9to5mac also picks up on this and says that the outages have been going on for days for Verizon BlackBerry users. However Evans reports that although all data capabilities are out of action, that phone calls are still possible so there seems to be a certain amount of mixed reports.

Evans goes on to say that such long outages are a real concern as system updates usually only affect services for a few hours. Meanwhile over on The Huffington Post, the outages have also been reported and it says that the downtime affects users in Virginia and North Carolina. However since we began this report an update has been posted reporting that Verizon has now issued a statement saying, “Service was resumed at 3:50 pm this afternoon. The issue was based in Hampton Roads and the surrounding area.”

We’re not altogether sure if the resumption of service covers all the areas that were/are affected and so if you’re a Verizon Wireless customer and are still undergoing an outage we’d like to hear from you. Please do send us your comments and also give us some indication of the area where you are.

  • michelle

    I have not had email/internet service on my blackberry since last Friday with Verizon. They are putting all the blame on Blackberry. They have no idea when it will be restored. I live in Texas and verizon is saying the outage is thoughout the whole US. They suck!!

  • sarah

    in LA and still having problems

  • Alex

    In Chicago, just started acting up earlier this afternoon

  • Don

    In louisiana, with a New York issued Blackberry, nothing since Friday, the 21st, and Verizon support says Blackberry is working on the problem, and they have no control. Two reps said same thing 48 hours apart……I found the service reps to be friendly but uninformed and not accountable or overly concerned that normal troubleshooting tips did not fix problem.

  • Jen

    I’m in PA and I started having problems this afternoon. I can’t make any calls.

  • Ally C

    in los angeles. things have been spotty for bbms, emails, and internet on my blackberry since friday. seemed to clear up for a bit this afternoon, but now bbms are slow going through, and web pages are only loading sometimes again…

  • Dirt

    In Virginia, have not email/internet service since Friday the 21st either. Phone and text is fine. They are somehow blaming Blackberry. They have no idea when it will be fixed. I don't understand. Doesn't my data come magically through the air from Verizon? I pay Blackberry nothing and pay Verizon over $1000 a year.

    Reps were total idiots. Was on the phone for 30 minutes before they bothered looking for the alert that indicated network problems and then they couldn't tell me anything, just live with it, though they did offer to credit me for the time my data plan was down.

  • Judy

    I am in Washtenaw County (Ann Arbor.Ypsilanti) and I have had no data service since 2/1/11, this is 2/4/11 and am getting ZILCH information from Verizon. I call daily and they tell me nothing except there is a "ticket" and they are working on it.
    I emailed them and NEVER got an answer after their 24 hour response promise.

    Gees meanwhile all this hype about I Phone! That will be a case of "Nice phone, no service!"

  • Dorisvasquez78

    im in imperal california i cant make or recieve any calls