Top Gear Live Tour in 2011: Twitter and Facebook Fan Reactions

For all you Top Gear fans out there we have found some details for the live tour. We have already reported to you about how Twitter is being inundated with comments for the Stig, for those of you who are unaware of what the Stig does, basically he drives a lot of the cars around the customized track. He/She wears a white racing suit with a white helmet and a blacked out visor.

Many are speculating that we have a ‘New Stig’ as people are rightly pointing out that the person is shorter, for all we know, we could be in for a surprise as there is a chance that it could be a woman! Some of the speculation is that it could be ‘Sabine Schmitz’ as OSM’s Maddy Rowe mentioned in a previous article.

The British show has become more and more popular, it has not got to a point where they are touring different cities and putting on live events. The next event is in Brisbane at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre, this is from 4-6 March, after that, the Top Gear team moved onto Melbourne to the Melbourne Showgrounds from 11-14 March. Once they are done there, they set off to Johannesburg to the Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit this is 17-20 March and then onto Oslo to the Oslo Spektrum, the dates there are 24-27th March. Head over to the Top Gear website where you can drill right down into each of the events. Check out the video at the bottom of the article for what you can expect to see at a Top Gear event.

If you still aren’t quite content, then why not follow them on Facebook, they announce where they are going to be on their page and you can have your say. Alternatively you can keep up with them on Twitter.

Have you attended any of the Top Gear events yet? If you have, then tell us which ones and what you enjoyed most. If not and you are planning to attend one, tell us which you are going to see. Let us know all of this in the comments section below.