Motorola ATRIX 4G: Dock Accessory Pricing From Best Buy

The Motorola ATRIX is one of the most anticipated smartphones this year; one of its major selling points is that it will run on the 4G LTE network that has been released recently. We have reported plenty of information on the Motorola ATRIX, like the specifications, the possible Android dominance of the ATRIX and Motorola XOOM and we included it on our article about the importance of dual-core phones.

Now we wanted to bring you some news on the main accessory for the device, the docking station, this turns your phone pretty much into a tiny laptop. We found an article over at by Zach Epstein, he is saying that an AT&T rep was present in a Best Buy store and passed on the info to a member of staff.

The information was sourced from the androidcentral forum where ‘jddroid’ has written a post explaining about what is happening, they mention that the price of the dock will be at $150, which we feel is a fair and reasonable price,’ jddroid’ also mentions that the ATRIX is coming out before the Samsung and HTC ‘4G’ phones that were showcased at the CES 2011 event. A few other bits are mentioned such as potential release dates for the device but we are waiting for something a little more concrete than this. Motorola hasn’t released any details of it as yet on their website of pricing, only a single picture of the device.

Do you think that has been priced well? Are you planning on getting the Motorola ATRIX? Let us know in the comments section below.

  • -Hibikster-

    I saw this device being showcased at CES and was throughly impressed with what it had to offer. The docking station actually has a built-in battery that when charged, it actually charges the phone's battery at the same time. Plus, I watched a few embedded Youtube videos with little to no effort.

    Really impressive. It will definitely be a solid competitior.