iPhone 4 / 5: Pegatron Part Makers Start The Build

News surrounding the iPhone 4/5 is currently a hot topic on the internet at the moment. Rumors particularly in relation to the 5 have been constantly popping up regarding internal and external features, what it may look like, the name of it, release date, pricing and so on. But are we any closer to actually having any concrete information?

Today, reports are coming through from electronista.com via Digitimes that parts maker Pegatron will be setting to work to build the iPhone 5, possibly sometime in May. If there is any truth in this, then reports as Slashgear stated, of the 5 being released in June would tie in nicely. At least 10 million to 12 million CDMA iPhone 4 handsets will be manufactured, as well as the iPhone 5 order equating to the same amount if not more.

Along with Pegatron, rumor has it that they will be joining forces with Apple’s current manufacturer Foxconn who are no doubt busy finishing off the last minute touches to the iPad 2, of which is supposedly being launched next month? Now that Pegatron are onboard, begs the question as to the new iPhone redesign supporting CDMA from the beginning, although it is difficult to ascertain whether a dual-mode chipset with GSM will be incorporated.

Fantastic news today if Pegatron joins forces with Foxconn, as judging by all the hype surrounding the up and coming phones, manufacturers will have to keep on their toes with increased demand, particularly if a dual-mode CDMA/GSM version is produced, hence allowing Apple to offer the same model to any carrier.

Tell us what you think of today’s news? Are you holding off buying a mobile phone at the present time, and waiting for Apple’s next-generation to make an appearance?