Galaxy Tab T-Mobile Price Drop: New 2011 Model Anticipation

T-Mobile has followed Sprint’s lead but perhaps gone one better, we previously reported that the price of the Galaxy Tab on Sprint had been reduced and it was perhaps in anticipation of the iPad 2. Now T-Mobile has dropped the price by a further $50 for the 7” tablet PC.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab is one of the stand out devices of 2010; it demolished its sales targets and soared past 1.5 million units sold. As we are all aware, the Apple iPad was of course the top seller in the tablet PC market. It’s possibly these two tablets in particular that has revolutionized the dead tablet market and prepared CES 2010 for the mass of tablets appearing (50+ in total). One of the tablets that appeared won the ‘best-in-show’ award and that was the Motorola XOOM.

The second reduction within a week certainly signals the fact that they are definitely preparing for something, but is it the iPad 2, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 or even something else? Kevin Krause over at has written an article detailing the prices and he has also given a bit of opinion on the device.

Phandroid sourced TmoNews and some of the comments that ‘Kickstar13’ (the author on TmoNews) is receiving suggest that they want the likes of T-Mobile and other carriers to offer one payment per month. In other words, keep more than one device on the same contract and pay that bill instead of having two separate ones. How possible would that be for any of the carriers? It’s a good point though and if any of the carriers bring that idea in then it will make them unique which in turn could attract custom.

Why do you think T-Mobile and Samsung are dropping the price of the Galaxy Tab? Would you be interested in a one payment per month scheme for more than one device? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.