Bln.Kr Like Hootsuite: Help Bands Utilize Social Media

As a percentage of you are possibly aware, social media and the way in which it is used can contribute to an individual’s or company‘s success. Here at OSM, we have recently brought you news about how it can possibly help or hinder it. But today’s news from Mashable has spoken of a new idea by the name of which can be compared to the likes of Hootsuite, but with music bands.

Sole platform works when budding musicians can now have the opportunity to share their talents with social networking sites such as Twitter, YouTube and Facebook. By using these sites as a marketing campaign, the individuals or bands will get the ultimate coverage. As well as this, musicians will be able to track how their songs are fairing with fans. If artists are doing particularly well with ratings, then they can be awarded “Buttons” which can be compared to that of Foursquare badges.

In order to use, subscribers will have to sign up for a “Pro account,” which will cost ($10 per month) to be able to give you full accessibility to social networking sites. The system is quick and simple to use, by uploading a song, adding the title and cover image, a category, tags and download setting. Then add your very own message and hey presto, you can now share your song(s) with the rest of your networks.

As Mashable reported, if you decide to access YouTube, not only will your track be shared out to other users, but the site will automatically produce a video to run alongside your song including album art.

In a statement Drew Seeley said, “Being an independent artist, has proved to be an invaluable resource. Its statistics are easy to read and comprehend. The tweet to listen/download features have been a great way to get the word out to my followers on Twitter and Facebook when I have something going on.”

Tell us do you consider yourself to be the next number one contender? Does tempt you into sharing your music with others? If not, what resources do you use?