White iPhone 4 release: Now on AT&T listings

Only earlier today we were wondering if we would see a release of the upcoming iPhone 5 in white, but what we know right now is that many people are still waiting for the White iPhone 4. Recently we’ve speculated that if it doesn’t come very soon there’s really no point and we’ve also given a rumored release date of February 27 following a leaked Best Buy stock list with this date for the white model.

Now we have more news that seems to confirm the White iPhone 4 is indeed coming although this time there is no date. Zach Epstein over on BGR tells of the AT&T Online Account Management system and the fact that the online tool now lists the iPhone 4 in white for both the 16 and 32GB models.

BGR, which is pretty hot with these things, seem to feel that it will finally be seen around the end of February or early March but as pointed out, it doesn’t leave much time then until the next iPhone, the iPhone 5 is out. Will people really want a white iPhone 4, even after they’ve waited so long, when a new model could be just around the corner? Also of course there’s no guarantee that a White iPhone 5 will be available straightaway, if ever.

Slash Lane over on Apple Insider also reports on this and gives a useful rundown of the timeline surrounding the White iPhone 4 and of the various delays. So what will you do? You may be one of the many who have been exceedingly patient so will you still rush out to buy one even though it’s so late on in the game, or maybe now you’re more likely to wait to see if the iPhone 5 (rumored release in June) is released with a white version ready to go? Please let us know your thoughts on this by sending us your comments.