On Air, On Sale: Sony And Universal’s New Music Offering

We know how frustrating it can be to have to wait for one of your favourite songs to be released. First you hear it on the radio or TV and then want to whack it onto your iPod or MP3 player, but then you find out its not available for another 3 weeks. Sony and Universal are offering a way around that.

From February 1st, the 2 music labels will give listeners the chance to immediately buy the track as soon as it has hit the airwaves. The move is primarily to stop piracy as well as satisy the demand for the music. Cnet has pointed out that when a popular track is discovered, a lot of people will go to extreme measure to obtain it, and I fully agree.

The first place to find new music, short of the radio is YouTube; the video sharing site has deals with both Sony and Universal to stream the latest tunes in their joint venture VEVO. If the music cannot be found or downloaded after YouTube and several dodgy websites, people turn to piracy. Traditionally the radio will get a 6 week slot to play new songs before they go on sale to build up word of mouth and reputation, according to Sky News.

iTunes is normally the number 1 place to legally download the newest tracks but they also have to wait for a few weeks until the radio stations have made the song big enough for a mass sale. Whats more is that when the new songs go straight on sale, they will also appear on streaming servies like Spotify; so even if you dont want to buy the track you can still legally listnen to it. Do you think that on air, on sale will be a success and will it have an impact on the singles charts?