Nokia “MeeGo” Tablet Spotted: The Real Deal Or Not?

As we start to look back at what the month of January has had to offer us in terms of tech news, the CES event at the beginning has really taken precedence over everything else. Smartphones, TV’s, Blu-Ray players, Cameras and Tablet devices gave us a lot to think about. In the next few months we can look forward to plenty of releases from Motorola, Samsung, HTC and of course Apple, but today news is of Nokia and what appears to be yet another tablet device.

Although the details are a little sketchy, Slashgear via mobile-review, has reported on a so-called Nokia “MeeGo” device which has come to their attention. It is a little unclear from the prototype whether it is a tablet, a huge phone or perhaps something else.

On first glance of the image below, it is apparent that the bezel around the screen could be compared to that of the N900, although it is slightly thinner. As Engadget stated, in terms of screen size, it looks to be in the region of 4.5-inches, but it is unclear as to whether it will be used as an internal device or a prototype gearing itself up for the actual hardware?

Studying the device, its apparent that an icon of an airplane is positioned in the top left-hand corner, and judging by Nokia’s past history, it could suggest that the device will include integrated WiFi, Bluetooth and so on.

As with news such as this, we will have to wait for more concrete information to filter through.

Would you like to see a tablet/phone come through from Nokia? Let us know.