Is Facebook A Distraction? Two More Footballers Banned

Over the past few weeks we have seen plenty of ranting and raving over the social networking sites, Facebook and Twitter. It has been highly publicised that these sites are starting to become abused, especially by celebs and we have another case of that here.

Portsmouth FC players Kanu and John Utaka have both been reportedly banned from Facebook and face large penalties if they violate the conditions. The club manager Steve Cotterill has stamped his foot down on the social networking of his team and imposed the new rule. The fine for using Facebook or Twitter is a rich mans version of the swearbox, with a £1000 charge for every word posted on the sites, according to Nigerian Tribune.

The Nation has in fact stated that the fine is for the whole Portsmouth team and not just for the 2 individuals who regularly use the site. Portsmouth are struggling in the Championship and Cotterill believes that the players should be spending more time on the training pitch and less on their computers. However he did joke “”It would be good if a few of them put a couple of sentences on, they will be skint this week”.

Is the banning of social networks really going to have a big impact on people’s working lives? It seems to be an invasion of privacy now and surely an employer cannot tell a person what to do in their spare time. Leave us your comments on what you think.