iPad 2 & iPhone 5 Release: April & June looking likely

Most of the attention in the tech world at present is focused on upcoming Apple devices, the iPad 2 and the iPhone 5. We’ve published many articles about both of these including rumored release dates for the iPhone 5 and the iPad 2 (rumored announcement being made on February 9 with a likely April release) and more news today suggests that these release rumors could be accurate.

A report by Sam Oliver over on Apple Insider, sourced from China’s Commercial Times, informs us of a report which says that overseas manufacturers are planning to begin limited production of the iPad 2 in February, scuppering earlier reports of a February release, as the actual release date is more likely to be April.

As far as the iPhone 5 goes Oliver asserts that the same report states that mass-production will begin in May, which would fit with reports of a June release date, which is typically the time that Apple usually releases new iPhones.

Steve Taylor on Gizmo Crunch also reports on the iPhone 5 and if you’re wondering what the price might be Taylor feels that although the specs will be higher that doesn’t automatically mean a much higher price than the iPhone 4 thanks to Apple’s cost cutting exercises. The article talks about multiple parts possibly being sourced from Taiwan instead of Japan, therefore keeping costs down. Check out the full article at the Gizmo Crunch link above.

What are your thoughts on these likely release months for the iPad2 and the iPhone 5? Will we find out more at the rumored February 9 announcement about the iPad 2? Let us know what you think by sending us your comments please.