Do Facebook & Twitter Diminish Us? Let us know

We all know about the growing impact of social networking on everyday life and much has been said about some people’s obsession with being constantly connected. Now, a leading sociologist in the U.S. claims that the way we are using social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook actually make us “less human.”

Sherry Turkle also says that the hectic way that many people communicate using these sites is like a modern form of madness, according to an article on The Telegraph. The U.S. academic, who is a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, looks into this type of behavior in her book, “Alone Together” and feels that people are becoming more isolated from reality by their use of social networking sites and this use inhibits actual human interaction.

Her cautions about some people’s use of social networking sites say that this kind of technology can “diminish us.” Turkle points to the recent story of a woman who posted a suicide note on Facebook that over 1000 of her so-called ‘friends’ saw. Tragically not one of these ‘friends’ on her Facebook wall offered help, instead continuing to insult each other and turning a blind eye to the woman’s plight.

A report over on Metro adds to this, saying that while Turkle was on “The Colbert Report” TV show in the U.S. she told how dismayed she was on attending a funeral where some mourners were checking for messages on their iPhones.

We’d like to know your thoughts on this. Do you think that some people’s use of social networking sites is simply too much, as in the case of the funeral? Have you ever been shocked by somebody’s obsession with Facebook or Twitter or do you think such sites ‘diminish us’? We’d really like your views on this so please do send us your comments.

  • @webjets

    i would say "yes" when i see statistics about the increasing user spent time with social networks on the one hand and a closer look about the personal benefit on the other hand their seems to be a big gap for me. I guess we all need a time keeper who take care of us otherwise we fall into the flycatcher trap:-). We have great options with social networks, but we have to learn to be objective and that we still live in a real world with real humans with real emotions with real challenges.

  • @agpcuk

    The Madness is that coming from Governments as they persist in trying to throw a spanner into the Internet time and again. Firstly so-called ‘Mad Max Mandelson’ invents section 17 of the ‘Digital Rights Act’ which would have caused every Patent and copyright in the UK to be made ‘Null and Void’ read full report here:

    Now UK Government are attempting yet again to disrupt and collapse what Google has claimed to be £100 BILLION a year to UK's economy by apply a whole new wave of restrictions on all web Based advertising by apply new laws via the so-called A.S.A.

    Whilst I am all for protecting those using the internet government has proved time and again it lacks the technical knowledge to handle these matters without causing disruption and chaos just wait until the 1st of March 2011 to come then hell will breakout mark my words and see; as we all know what these Jobsworth’s are like once they focus on your website beware as web based advertising could become severely disrupted.

    Signed Carl Barron Chairman of agpcuk