Can’t afford Bloom Box? Try Bloom Electrons

Last year an innovative new kind of technology came along courtesy of Bloom Energy, the Bloom Box. The Bloom Box uses efficient fuel cell technology to create clean reliable energy, which is not only a boon for the environment but also cost-efficient in the long term.

However the heavy upfront costs are a deterrent for many companies and this is where Bloom Electrons comes in, as reported by Ross Miller over on Engadget. It seems that Bloom Energy, recognizing the drawbacks involved are too heavy for most organizations because of the initial costs, have found a way to make its electrons more affordable.

Now instead of paying a high upfront cost to own a Bloom Box outright, customers will be able to lease a 2MW installation instead. No money has to be paid upfront and only the electrons have to be paid for. The one drawback for some will be the 10-year contract, which does require a lot of faith, but as Bloom Energy points out it does allow for fixed predictable costs and there are significant savings available as opposed to the grid.

This move certainly opens the doors for more institutions such as schools and non-profit organizations. You can see the Bloom Energy press release about this at the Engadget link above. Also if you want to find out more about Bloom Energy head to its website here. Are you part of a large organization that could now be tempted to use Bloom Energy where you didn’t before, because of the high initial cost? Why not let us know by sending us your comments.