Brett Favre: Would Social Media Lessons Have Helped?

Retired American football quarter-back “Brett Favre” is best known for his contribution playing for teams such as the Atlanta Falcons, Green Bay Packers, New York Jets and of course the Minnesota Vikings. One of the only players to throw 70,000 yards, throw over 500 touchdowns and over 300 interceptions and the only player to have over 10,000 pass attempts, pretty impressive going! So where did it go wrong?

In a report from Chris Syme at, he wanted to look at Favre’s career and how the aid of social media helped or hindered his reputation? To look into this further, Syme has separated this into 3 categories, and it is hoped that the results will offer some lessons to the rest of us.

The first topic of discussion that Syme wanted to delve into, was that of “Knowing When to Quit or Change Course.” Here at OSM, we have spoken of social media and how it can benefit individuals or companies with their branded products. To achieve success with it and to potentially get your name out there to rival competition and customers, it has to work.

A key point raised was that of knowing when social media isn’t working for you and knowing when to stop. Its not worth investing time, people, effort and those hard earned pennies if something looks like its not going to get off the ground. As Syme pointed out, a good example of this, was the constant surge of TV ads highlighting Favre’s failure, and at this time he should have stopped his career.

Another key lesson to learn from Favre’s mistakes, would be no matter how good your social media campaign is, it is always best to get an outside prospective. Evaluating what was successful and why, also touching on the downfalls will boost your prospects.

Although all 3 of these social media strategies are equally important, this particular message is definitely one to take on board. Its knowing as Syme said, “Not To Get Full of Yourself – It’s Not About You. Campaigns are never about you, more about your subject audience. Your campaign has to engage your followers and keep them coming back. It went wrong for the quarter-back when he focused on himself and forgot about what really mattered, his team, fans and particularly those nearest and dearest to him.

To find out more on this head on over to What are your thoughts on these 3 social media lessons, will you perhaps try and implement them into things you are doing?