Arsenal Substitute Defenders For Buffalo NAS Devices

News through today is not of who the North London club are playing, who has been the latest to take to online social networking site Twitter and so on, but of the reds manager Arsene Wenger agreeing to some new safe, simple to use technology for the players’ laptops.

In a bid to keep all data safe and accessible at all times, Wenger has agreed for Arsenal to take on some new “Network Attached Storage” (NAS) devices, in basic terms portable hard drives, for players to plug into their laptops. The two devices as Pocketlint reported are from Buffalo‘s TeraStation ES Network, and will now give Arsenal players the piece of mind that whilst accessing their personal data on laptops and that of shared files at the club’s training ground in Hertfordshire, everything will be kept under lock and key as it were.

Facilities Manager at the club’s training ground “Sean O’ Connor,” said in a statement “My job is not to manage IT so I really needed a solution that just worked; the TeraStation was easy to set up and configure and was up and running immediately. The team love that the portable hard drives are plug-and-play as they can literally just plug them into their laptops and instantly access and upload data.

The hardware encryption means that confidential information is fully protected by personal passwords. They are compact and lightweight so data can easily be transported and best of all, they come in red. It was like they were made just for Arsenal.”

Do you think technology has a place in the training grounds? Let us know your thoughts.