State of the Union address and YouTube questions

At OSM we’ve noted the growing impact of using social media in politics and now we hear of a great opportunity to get your own questions to the man himself, President Barack Obama.

On Tuesday President Obama will be giving his State of the Union address at 9:00 pm and if you can’t get in front of your TV then you can see it streamed live on the White House website here, according to David Jackson of USA Today, sourced from CBS News. After the actual address representatives of different administrations will be available for questioning via Twitter and Facebook, and also

Wednesday will see White House press secretary, Robert Gibbs, take to Twitter to answer questions and then on Thursday at 2:30 pm there will be a live interview on YouTube with President Obama appearing and answering your questions. The questions will be pre-selected and you can send in your questions now to

This is not the first time that President Obama has made a YouTube appearance in a Q&A session but it does reflect that politicians certainly recognize the increasing influence of social media on the voters. You may also be interested in an intriguing article by Ari Shapiro over on NPR which looks at the difficulties of working out what should go into the State of the Union address from the perspective of the team writing the speech. The work on the address starts months beforehand and this gives a really useful insight so do check the NPR link above for more.

What are your thoughts on President Obama and the White House and the continued use of social media for promoting politics. We’d be interested to hear from you so please do send us your comments.