AT&T VS. Verizon: iPhone 4 In New Leaked Ad

A rather interesting new advert for the iPhone 4 has appeared on the internet showing 2 of the smartphones side by side operating. The catchphrase in the ad is “Two is better than one” and at the end it reveals that one handset was running on AT&T and the other Verizon.

In the video both iPhones are running at the exact same speed whilst the users repeat the same task, so it appears Apple are trying to show you that both network providers are as good as each other, despite users disagreeing. The mythical Verizon iPhone has been sought after for a long time now as owners have become increasingly tired of AT&T’s poor service.

The video which we have embedded for you below courtesy of Mashable, surfaced from a fan on YouTube and it is yet to be uploaded on to Apple’s channel. The clear message in the video is to tell people that Verizon is coming to iPhone; however it is no better than AT&T. It is better to have our phone on two networks rather than one, although they are the same.

Verizon comes to the iPhone on February 10th and hopefully will satisy all of you who have been demanding it for so long. What do you make of Apple’s leaked ad? Tell us with your comments.

  • DBrow

    Leaked? This was on television during the football game over an hour ago.