$10,000 Apple iTunes winner: Woman in UK says no

You may remember we recently reported on the 10 billionth download from the Apple App Store, which at that time was due shortly. A countdown was ongoing and the person who made the 10 billionth download could receive a $10,000 iTunes Gift Card as a prize. We then told how the 10 billionth download had now been reached but were still waiting for the winner’s name to be released.

We’ve now heard the winner of this great prize was an English woman living in Orpington, Kent by the name of Gail Davis. Amazingly when she first received the phone call from Apple to say she was the lucky winner she hung up, thinking it was some kind of prank saying, “Thank you very much, I’m not interested,” according to Leander Kahney over on Cult of Mac.

Her two daughters then managed to persuade her that it wasn’t a prank and they had both downloaded several apps that day. When Davis rang back Apple in rather a state of panic she was unable to get much response from the customer helpdesk. Fortunately for Davis an executive from Apple rang back again 2 hours later to confirm her prize. The original call had been made by Apple’s VIP of iTunes, Eddy Cue.

Just so you know the 10 billionth app download was for the free Paper Glider app. You can see the official Apple news about Gail Davis winning the $10,000 iTunes gift card at this Apple press release here. This is a great story and here at OSM we send congratulations to both Apple and Gail Davis. We’d love to hear your thoughts about the 10 billionth download and Gail Davis’s win so please send your comments.

  • Robin

    women in uk SAYS no.What the hell English is that!! Women in uk SAY no, you fools!

    • bobbles

      I think the confusion is more retarded than that, it's woman not women.

      • debbielt

        You're quite right but this was an honest mistake, a typo. I really thought I had put woman and not women. Excuse the mistake but thanks for reading!

        • chase

          Wow, who is the grammatical fool now?

    • meeks

      one should pay attention and re-read before opening ones mouth.
      title says WOMAN, singular, not the plural counterpart you misread it for. so therefore, the SAYS fits nicely.

      you can take your fool hat back :)

    • Drak

      Woman* in UK* said* no! (surely)

    • meeks

      apologies. seems it was updated between reads.

  • Bruce Wayne

    ^ "WOMAN in UK says no". Sigh…

    • Ozzy

      "Woman in UK says no."

  • Phil

    Robin , sorry to pull you up on this BUT , if you are going to post a comment correcting someone's English grammar it might help if you do not spell Woman incorrectly . In your comment you posted "women" which is the plural !!!

  • Steve

    It is correct, what are you on about? If it was 'say no' then it would be an instruction rather than referring to the past tense of a woman actually saying no?

  • not the gram police

    jeeeesus, get out more grammar police, pathetic

  • The Penguin

    Guys, chill ffs – it was a typo – end of the world? No!

    More valium for my friends over here please…