Notion Ink Adam vs iPad 2: Which is better?

We’ve posted many articles lately about the upcoming iPad 2 and the Notion Ink Adam tablet. Among recent posts were the unboxing pictures of the Adam and also a preview experience, and today we brought you news on a release date for the iPad 2.

We’ve also taken a look at the iPad 2 vs. the Motorola Xoom and also the Motorola Xoom vs. the Notion Ink Adam, but what about the Notion Ink Adam vs. the iPad 2? Here at OSM we’ve made no secret of our enthusiasm for the Notion Ink Adam, an innovative device from an innovative set-up, but although realistically it can’t hope to compete with the iPad 2 on sales, such is the might of Apple, is it actually a better device?

Although we know specs for the Notion Ink Adam it’s difficult to make a straight comparison with the iPad 2 as all the specs for that are as yet unspecified. However a comparison of specs for Adam and the original iPad can be seen on International Business Times in an article comparing the two by Elias Samuel, while you can read all the rumors of what we’ve heard so far about the iPad 2 in our iPad 2 rumor roundup from OSM’s Maddy Rowe.

Over on Device Mag, Leo Xavier asks the question of whether the Notion Ink Adam could be an iPad killer and looks at what makes the Adam so noteworthy. First off there’s the 10-inch PixelQi display which gives an excellently sharp picture, although Xavier notes the colors appeared a little faded when compared to the original iPad. The Eden user interface is also seen as a big plus point for the Notion Ink Adam and it enables the use of applications in a completely new way, however it’s noted that a user would need to get used to it.

The rubbarized curved upper edge on the Adam also picks up praise for making the device easy to hold but one area it is definitely lacking in at the moment is apps although Notion Ink has plans for its own app store. Other areas such as the CPU, the swivel-camera feature and prices are all looked into and you can read more about all of those at the Device Mag link above. As Xavier says in conclusion, although the Notion Ink Adam could possibly dethrone the iPad, the iPad 2 could be a very different story, to say nothing of the other myriad tablets being released in the coming months.

Another article you may find helpful is by Shayne Rana on Tech2 who feels that the potential is certainly there for the Notion Ink Adam to “take the iPad 2 to the cleaners.” The article goes on to give points to each device for areas such as the display, design, processing power, camera, connectivity and more and concludes by saying the Notion Ink Adam “is set to ‘Seek and Destroy’ all competitors.”

We’re really like to know your opinions on the Notion Ink Adam vs. the iPad 2. Do you think the Adam has any chance at all of denting sales of the next-generation iPad, or do you think the mere power of the Apple name will be enough to see off all contenders? Please let us know your views on this by sending us your comments.

  • DingDing

    Answer's simple, Ipad 2

  • nileshzabak

    Answer's Common sense – Adam…anytime …use your brains…

    • harishsowkur

      adam is more user friendly.. greater processing speed, 1 GB ram, memory card slot, great display, replaceable battery slot makes it perfect choice…!

  • vijay

    Well ADAM is the ultimate winner

  • albertwertz

    Let me just say that I almost never saw a commercial about the Ipad when it was released. Since the hype of the adam and every other tablet being released, apple now has commercials for the Ipad on almost every commercial break I have seen in he past few months. Without information on the Ipad 2 this conversation is useless, but I can say for certain that Apple is working VERY hard to maintain its market share for the future. This definitely shows that they are taking their competition seriously. I think that right there is a feat that no person thought the Adam and others could do…

    Also, let me say that the Ipad was almost consistently sold out at walmart up until the last few months. Today there is a stack of Ipads not being sold… The game is changing. This is evident.

  • Jo

    Ha iPad all the way

  • Ryan

    i can only hope that the adam will be, but for now all we can do is wait and see

  • Chebbinator

    What is iPad 2? I haven't seen the detail specs yet…

  • tonnic

    The Adam is my top pick, but they are faced with a major disadvantage….distribution. The only way that adam has a chance of dethrowning egotistical jobs and his overconfident crew is if they can get into the box box stores on a large scale. Most of market hasn’t even heard of the adam. Ask someone you know that doesn’t follow blogs our technology if they have heard of an adam and then ask about the ipad.

  • tonnic

    I meant big box stores

  • wavedog98

    From what I see, I love the adam. But snappy hardware and a cool UI do not guarantee a commercial success. Ultimately, adam is going to have to reach critical mass in its visibility to consumers, provide excellent support and, most importantly, provide easy access to virtually unlimited apps that allow a user to do almost anything they can think of with the device. These are not trivial requirements for success, but are absolutely necessary.

    I'm troubled by what I've been reading about notion ink providing a proprietary app store. If true, this is certain to make what seems incredibly difficult into an impossibility.

    Like it or not, my money is on Ipad 2. It's how the work works…

  • gcr

    It is premature to talk about android tablets apart from Xoom. Xoom is expected in March. More likely around may June. Other tablets have to wait another 3 months for honeycomb.

    Notion Ink has dismissed any plans of talking on apple head on or even Xoom. They know the challenge before them. I think their targets a few months back was about 1.2 million in sales this year. Modest but good enough to establish a startup as a serious player.

    I have a feeling even notion I k is going to be surprised by the demand for their product.

    There are going to be lot of markets for android products. Amazon has announced one. TEGRA ZONE has been announced for apps and games using the dual core nature if tetra chips. Over the long run there willbe consolidation. For now everyone is jumping on the android market band wagon.

  • Joker

    The xoom is coming out Feb 17 with honeycomb just so you know

    • aaron

      Too expensive no body cares

  • Jaece005

    I think everyone has made valid points on this subject, and as far as "people jumping on the band wagon" goes, just remember that YOU also use Google, which android came from. Android's market is 99.9 percent free and Apple's is not. Android is on all major mobile networks. Apple is on At&t and soon to be on Verizon. This means that there are more people, on average, have an android phone then an iPhone, and not because they can't afford it either, lol. Apple has had more problems with their OS than Windows, but yet Android has not . . . And finally, the only reason there was ever a mention about an "iPad 2" was because Apple slept on the competition at CES (Adam, Xoom, even Asus LMFAO). As far as the "iPad 2" goes . . . it's a lil' late to add flash guys, but let's just see what happens anyway, haha clowns . . .

    • aaron

      Your actually wrong about the android coming from google thing. Android was the brain child of Andy Rubin before he joined google the man also responsable for Danger inc the firm that created the danger hiptop( better known as the tmobile sidekick) see they all start small. He also worked for apple back in 80’s.

  • dadida

    who will spend several hundreds of dollars for a product of an Indian startup company, who never ever anybody heard about before ???

    • aaron

      Same reason people bought apple computers when the first came out. Because it sounded like a good buy.They started very small too. And now look at them.

    • Mark

      lol if all consumers were like you, the American Buggy Whip Co. (one of the mmebers of the original Dow Jones Industrial Average 30) would still be one of the nations largest company today, and there would still be a viable career path for street manure cleaners :)

    • Varun Anand

      Well, Adam uses NVidia processors which are world famous and as far as hardware is concerned NotionInk's Adam tablet wins over Apple's Ipad, Ipad2 and even Ipad3(if they ever launch it) because they provide a better hardware at a much cheaper price. Overall screen design and utility is also much better and flexible.
      And as all know Android is better than Apple as far as OS is concerned because you get Apps for free on Android while you gotta pay for every single app you get on Apple OS.
      Moreover, Apple is very restrictive because it uses its own formats while Android supports all formats well even the formats that Apple supports. This definitely enhances the utility of device.

  • A K das

    can i make phone call from adam like samsung tab? adam has sim card slot thats why my question?

    so please inform me if you know.

    • aaron

      Yes the adam will do video chat over wifi or 3g.

      • A K das

        whether, adam can able to make voice call ? is it can support 2G?

  • Jenny

    My husband has an Ipad and I really liked it. I was planning on getting one also, until he synched to Itunes and it died. It took a trip to the Apple Store to revive it. No such luck with his Ipod touch which, died during an update and remained dead. All replacement Ipods also died when he tried to update them. The Apple guys sorted him out, but it took many, many, many trips back to the Apple Store. My Ipod touch failed during my update, and I lost all my music, and the last 3 months worth of information in my apps. I still love my Macbook, and I really like my Ipod, but I hate Itunes now more than ever. So, I went searching for a better alternative, and came across info on the Norton Ink Adam, which recently started shipping pre-orders. I'm impatiently waiting for the hands on reviews of the Adam to come in. And if the reviews say it's even nearly as awesome as it sounds, I'll be obsessing until I can get my hands on one.

  • aaron

    You people can’t read can you. The comparison wasn’t which would sell more units. It was about which was the better device and from specs and the usefulness of the devices the adam wins hands down. Its a tablet for grown ups not pre teens. The adam has a much broader range of uses because of it flexability in connectivity and cusomization like any android device has. Not to mention the options of equipment and pricing. Its set to fit you not what’s in your wallet.

  • gcr

    @joker appropriately named. Motorola announced end of first quarter. Even honeycomb is not slated before March by Google. Suddenly after seeing the Adam in CES it in natural that all manufacturers will put out leaks hinting at early release of their products. Apple with Ipad advts and ipad rumors. Xoom with its best buy leak. Toshiba with its product. All are aiming at grabbing mind share and preventing competition from being entrenched.

  • Robert

    Apple and the iPad are a juggernaut – there are always those who are going to be happier integrated into the closed Apple infrastructure. It has both advantages and disadvantages. These other tablet manufacturers risk occupying the ground of the geeky niche. So I do like how the Adam and Notion Ink are trying to furrow their own path and not simply copy. The original iPad was a slick yet ultimately flawed first attempt. But then that's often the nature of a first gen product (ignoring the Newton). If you are an Apple fan-boy, you should be praying night and day for some strong tablet competition. It's ultimately what's going to push Apple into developing a better product once you step outside of the SJ reality distortion field.

  • Zack

    I'm gonna sit tight until the competition heats up a little and hope prices drop as they always do. I have no idea which will be a "better" tablet, but in the end I'm betting the Notion Ink will be a better bargain for the price even if Ipad2 sells many times more units. Especially if Apple clings to their current pricing as they may be inclined to do.

  • jscottu

    If you get an ipad you are stuck with apples operating system for the life of the pad (and replacing the battery requires a trip to Apple). If you get the Notion Ink adam you can put OTHER operating systems on it…and you can replace the battery yourself. I strongly suspect that the ipad 2 will STILL have many, many limitations that the adam does not have.

  • Daniel

    So the question is… which is better, something has just come out and has not yet been fully evaluated by consumers or reviewers, or something for which only rumors (and in some cases fantasies) exist about. Does it seem a little premature for this question??

  • Lyubomyr

    Adam has HMDI output, USB, microsoft office docx, xlsx, etc. compatible suite, 8 to 15 hours time, android with a lot of apps, strong community to make custom firmware and software. It's customisable and can used for business with printing, presentations and so on.

  • M.Clews

    I feel that there's more to purchasers desires than whether it has more processing power or a better camera etc. Warranties and service have tended to be mentioned amongst friends. Some have mentioned a desire of independence from manufacturers/developers (me too).

    When it comes down to it for me, taking the platform out of the mix, I want reliable spreadsheets, word processing and DTP, sketching, drafting, timekeeping, calendar and emails, all of which should be transferable to whatever other platform I am using, if I wish. That's where Apple fails, they want to control what I use, where I send it and what to. Games I can play on a desktop computer/laptop, tablets are just conveniently transportable, more so than laptops.

    Other than that I want a strong competitor for Apple. That is why I'm looking to support the Adam, even if the iPad2 -is- a slightly better machine, they'll both give me what I want in software.

  • johnson tran

    who in their right mind would buy anything from an indian start up comppany. They already proved themselves dishonest and unreliable.

  • Angel

    The problems plaguing the Notion Ink Adam Tablet include shipping problems, confusion over the specifications of the machine, reportedly poor customer support and questionable build quality. The Adam also shipped without a number of promised or fully functioning applications – included in those missing were the company's own Genesis market and the comic-book reader, Longbox. Not to mention the missing trackpad, the missing radio reported by some, the non matte finish display and the non scratch resistant screen of the android tablet that were also promised. I feel customers that purchased the Adam tablet received an inferior product than what was promised to them.

  • Involved-Observer

    Wow, Johnson Tran, i'm guessing you are American? Have you looked in the mirror lately? I can't think of a more ruthlessly dishonest culture, covered in sugar coated marketing hype than the good ol US of A! All praise to an Indian company for having a go and doing a better job than an arrogant US corporation. What are you afraid of? I'm guessing you may have a few distorted views of cultures other than your own. I am from Australia (and have had plenty to do with the USA), and from where we're sitting 'down under' observing the world from afar we get to see things in a different light (literally). This Indian Start-up must have some real insight to have done what they have done… I don't really think honesty or dishonesty would play much of a role in their thinking… creativity and growth definitely would though.

  • Starjoy

    Ok so I have tmobile and I was focused on purchasing the g-slate next month. I totally forgot that I signed up to receive a pre-order for an Adam, so I received that email today and now I’m conflicted. What to do guys? I really don’t want to deal with all of the trouble from notion ink, but its a cool device, I’m also a little hesitant because of the lack of apps, the LG will have a full market experience. Any suggestions guys?

  • Rob

    Well the biggest thing no one mentioned in the posts is that Adam being an Indian company and no doubts a fantastic product, it all manufactured in China and if anyone has read the warranty, no matter wherever you are on globe, you have to send it to India/China for any issues within 12 months warranty which is not only cheeky but can be expensive.
    There are no local service centers like Apple and other companies or free RTA for any issues within 12 months warranty!
    Pricing wise there is not much difference between Ipad and Adam but service level and company wise Apple stands much farther but Adam has a upper hand of camera and Android market.

  • thehumble1

    Thanks for the heads up. It sounds like this is still an ongoing nightmare for you but at least your warnings will help keep others from doing the same. That's why I never jump in on pre-orders of first run products. I'd rather wait 6 months and get something that works. Thanks for letting me know what a mess it is.

  • Raul D

    You joking? ipad is just a brand, adam is far away, specs and open point of view. Those of you preffering apple gadget are absolutely brand blinded

  • George

    I m happy with my iphone 4. But for a tablet, I will go for the Adam for its funtionalities n open source plateform

    **currently. A Adam user