iPad 2 Release Date: Announcement on February 9?

Here at OSM we’ve been reporting all the news and rumors about the iPad 2 and if you want to catch up why not check out our rumor roundup. Earlier today we also brought you the news that the higher-definition display that has been speculated, is more likely to come to the iPad 3 rather than the iPad 2. Now though we have the news that many of you are waiting for and that’s about the release date.

We previously speculated it may be in February but there are conflicting reports about whether that’s for an announcement about the release date or the actual release date. A recent report on International Business Times for instance, suggested an April announcement with immediate release was likely. However a report we’ve spotted today over on T3 by Luke Johnson suggests that a leaked image of the iPad 2 point to a February 9 release date.

Apparently the image is supposed to be from an iPad 2 launch homescreen that shows a calendar application date of February 9. This matches what happened last year when a leaked shot of the original iPad showed a calendar application date of January 27, which indeed turned out to be the date that Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced the iPad to the world.

However Desire Athow over on ITProPortal feels that either February 9 or March 9 will be a significant date, but also points out that other sources feel this will be an announcement date, rather than a release date. Meanwhile Ben Camm-Jones over on PCWorld feels the release will still be in April. It seems that circuit-board suppliers in Taiwan are due to make a few shipments of the boards in February and March but mass shipments are not due until April.

It’s all rather intriguing but we feel that February 9 will be the announcement rather than a release date for the iPad 2, but would love to be pleasantly surprised by an immediate release. What are your thoughts on this? Why not let us know with your comments.

  • James

    I think February 9th will be the announcement date, but yes, it would be great if it was the actualy release date :)

  • Andy

    I am almost completely positive that it will probably be the announcement day not the release day. I think when they show the new product they might take into consideration how many people seem interested at that point so they can forecast sales and send that product into mass production. :]

  • christina

    i heard the announcement date will be feb 2nd from fox news.. so who knows! maybe the 9th will be the actual release date!

  • Tim Drover

    I hope they release it Feb 9th so I can buy one for my overseas trip in March. If not, I may have to break down and buy the first one.

  • bryan

    Damn!!!! I realy want the Ipad 2 and im Brazilian sop buing it here is out of question!!Way more expensive!! Im going to new york from febuary 15 to the 3rd of march!! APPLE PLEASE RELEASE IT!!!
    If, not I may also have to buy the first one

  • BananaJr

    we were offered a Gen 1 iPad with a discount that ends Feb. 16th. So I'm guessing from that the announcement or the release date is after Feb. 16th

  • Rod

    Anyone happen to notice that there is no front or rear facing camera on the one in the picture? Doesn't look like an iPAD 2 to me. Probably someone just playing a prank.

    • marioooooo

      the picture isn't an ipad 2, it's a picture of the 1st gen, there are no pictures for the ipad 2

  • kcc

    the picture is not of the ipad2 it is of the new iOS which shows the 9 on the calendar could be Feb 9 could be March 9 could be Arpil 9, its the iOS that is giving away the date, its very unlikely the Ipad 2 would be available before April though the announcement could come at anytime.

  • Xavier Allen

    I cant wait till this comes out im going to be one of the first ones to recive this item when it goes on the market! I already have $1,000 saved up for this! I cant wait…. but seriously ithink its just going to be the anouncement!

  • Xavier Allen

    I already got $1,000 set aside for this I CANT WAIT!… but seriously i think its going to be the release date

  • larsonjs

    The new Ipad looks pretty cool. (another site had a pic) I like the thinner form. I wish they would have gone with a hi res screen. I also will be disappointed if they don't have an SD slot and a mini usb port.

  • keith

    anyone know the price they will be released at??

  • Mark

    I heard 699

  • Jack

    2 days left

    • jodie

      do you think it will be released in 2days! thats kind of soon, dont you think! but im sooo excitied for thiss i have the money saved up, i cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Makar

    it will suck big time if its gonna be March 9th… =/
    lets hope its February 9th

  • Jack

    Not released announced.

  • Sally

    anyone know yet 1 day maybe !!!! i just wondered how soon the shops will get them

  • kmh

    I hope we do know something by tomorrow. I've been holding out, but have a big trip coming up in 2wks. I don't know how much longer I can wait!!!

  • JPM

    Having been a PC user for 25 years and recently converting everything to Apple, I can appreciate the Appleheads enthusiasm. I'm all set to sell my current Ipad to my son so I can get a new Gen 2. I say announcement date the 9th but sale date the 16th. Apple usually tries to build the excitement and pre-orders like the Iphone 4 last year. April is too long of a wait. Plus I don't think they want to wait too long after Job's announcement of retirement to keep up with their normal announce and release strategy.

  • jayDavis

    wow.. the iPad 2 looks really amazing but Feb 9th has already passed and still no Apple announcement……….Hummm!

    • Taylor

      It's Feb 8th….. Hummm!

    • greg

      today is the 8th….

    • Rhoda

      It's only the 8th here in the US….hang on another 10 or 12 hrs to see what happens.

  • Cody

    Feb 9th hasn't passed?!?!?


    I amconsidering get a Nook(color) for my birthday in March. I was told that the new Ipad 2 will do the same thing as the Nook so I should save that 250,00 and apply to the Ipad2. What you think? I guess there no need to have both right ? Any advice will be greatly appreciated. I am not a Technology guru :)

  • Little P

    i really want to buy the ipad 2 February or in March 2011 would be a good release date.