YouTube Viral: Woman Falls Into Fountain In A Mall May Sue

Now we all know what happens when a video from the likes of YouTube goes viral. That is exactly what has happened with Cathy Cruz Marrero, or as she is currently more commonly known, the woman who fell into the fountain in a mall while she was texting.

Well, now we are hearing reports that she may sue. In a video from, the fountain lady and her attorney are answering questions from the reporter about how she felt and how nobody came to her aid. She talks of her traumatic and embarrassing moments that have sensationally made their way onto YouTube as shown at the bottom of the article.

So what are the claims for? They are in the very early stages of investigation and they will be holding all responsible parties accountable, they will be requesting / demanding an apology and an explanation of how and why this happened. This is where we can help, the responsible and accountable people/person Cathy Cruz Marrero (fountain lady), as for the explanation, we thought we should just let you watch the video yourself and draw your own conclusion! Check out the second video at the bottom of the article for the incident in question.

After listening to her on the first video, there’s something that didn’t quite add up, she says when asked, when did you find out about the YouTube video? She says she finds out the Friday morning from her nephew that she is on YouTube, then almost straight away, she says that she phoned the mall security about it on Thursday morning and didn’t want to see her face or store she works at as she was too embarrassed, apparently she says she doesn’t think it was nice what ‘their people’ did (assuming she means put the video on YouTube). Now unless our ears deceive us, the days and what she has said simply doesn’t match up. How can she phone them about the video the next day if she doesn’t know about it until Friday? It sounds a little fishy doesn’t it? There are others speculating too, check out the Village Voice blog and look at the title of their video.

Do you think she can sue anyone because she wasn’t paying attention and she fell into a fountain? Can she do anything because it has been put on YouTube without her knowledge? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

  • Anna

    This woman is simply an idiot. She should stop trying to go for easy money…and get rid of her cell phone. What a loser!!! Hahahaha I laugh like crazy every time I see it. You are a joke!

  • lisa

    She is an idiot. Boo hoo hoo stop drawing attention to yourself saying you are embarrassed, we couldn't see your face in the video, so now you are embarrassing yourself. Then we find out you are in court for stealing credit cards, if you had kept to yourself instead of going on TV no one would know about it, so good job there.

    Self-deprication is a fine quality. She lacks it. You fell in a fountain lady cause you weren't watching where you were going. You'd better learn to laugh about it.

  • Chris

    typical dumb americans claiming for anything … supprised she hasnt tried sueing the phone company for have a distracting display or even the person texting her for making her look at her phone…

    pure stupidity..

  • betty

    no i dont think she should get anything for being stupid.i also dont think the security guard should get fired either.i think this should go on americas funniest videos.and no chris we are not all typical dumb americans,jerk!!!